If it’s good enough for JLo…

Caci facial

If it’s good enough for JLo then it’s good enough for me…

I’ve reached an age where I’m conscious of the force of gravity… for my body I practice reformer Pilates, not only for the toning but for flexibility, posture and suppleness too.

I’ve looked into Botox but who knows what the long term effects are.  I’m in search of a more natural look (more fluid than frozen).  There are loads of quick fixes out there but I want something that is more subtle.  I’ve always been a one to have regular facials and use good products, thanks to Mama Walton’s influences.

I’ve started a course of Caci non-surgical face lift facials which claims to plump out skin, lifts, smooths out fine lines and plumps lips.  Whilst I have been through treatment for cancer I have lost a lot of weight on my face due to stress so I thought the Caci would be a good option for me.

A deluxe Caci is an hour and a half long which includes a microdermabrasion, infrared treatment and wrinkle combing which concentrates on those bits you are conscious of.  Despite all of this the treatment is surprisingly relaxing.  My skin feels more plumped and is glowing just after two treatments.

A course of ten over a month plus one a month maintenance is available here with Beauty at Gosforth Park.  Quote Kate for 10% Off your first treatment.

Call 0191 2171363 or visit www.beautyat.com for more info.

caci facial 3


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