Barre Bootiful

I used to be a total gym addict, a one that trained at leas four times a week doing both interval training and weight training. I always ate well and was in the best shape of my life, or so I thought- when I discovered a lump and was diagnosed with breast cancer. Throughout my operation and treatment I continued to go to the gym but with very little to no energy I struggled. I grew so frustrated and then I made the decision to get back into yoga. I needed an exercise that would take my mind of things, a group exercise. For me exercise is not only about feeling good on the outside but more importantly on the inside, I find it a great way to switch off for an hour or so.

But honestly i’ve been finding yoga a little tame, so I decided to search for something more challenging. Ever wondered how the super models have long, lean figures to die for? I noticed a few VS models, one of them being Jourdan Dunn practiced Barre as their training method before a show. Barre is a mix of Pilates, ballet, exercise and yoga all in one, I felt comfortable in a barre class straight away, not that it’s not for the males but I felt more comfortable walking into a class full of girls, having a laugh and not being surrounded by triangular shaped men pumping weights!  Girls you know what I mean…

After such a big op and treatment I think girly time whether it’s with friends or in a fitness class is great for your soul. I do regular Barre classes and mix it up with reformer Pilates.  Don’t think you have to be flexible as I was like a plank of wood when I started and with minimal movement in my upper body due to my op the stretching really helped. I now have toned long lean-ear legs which I struggled to get from running and the gym. Barre is not an easy option, you have to push yourself to the limit to get results and shake like a sh**ing dog to get results!

My figure has changed, my bottom is more pert, my legs and abs are more defined. If I’m away I find it easy to do some moves on my own. Barre isn’t cheap, Barrecore, my most favourite is £28 a class but well worth it. Check out Barrecore Manchester , invest in some sticky socks, you will see results in one month!







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