Bring Back the Boutique

Tired of shopping on the high street and a hundred other people wearing your top?  Not to mention the lack of personal service and trying to catch the eye of a sales assistant behind a pile of clothes?

I say Bring Back the Boutique and the Indies on the high street!  The industry describes ‘throwaway fashion’ as trash for a reason.  When you buy a top for £9.99 think of the person who slaved for an hour or two making that top and how much they were paid minus the fabric costs, shipping costs and profit…Throwaway fashion brings us that hit you need but the high doesn’t last long when that top shrinks to fit your Barbie doll after one wash.

At Havetolove we are celebrating ten years this September.  In 2006, my aim was to revive personal service and create a friendly feel.  Havetolove isn’t just a boutique, it’s an experience.  Park your car at our front door for free and shop whilst sipping a prosecco or a cappuccino.

We have introduced our own brand which offers our customers trend inspired high quality fashion at high street prices, prices average at £50.  We will help you style your outfit and keep you informed with new weekly arrivals.  We also stock carefully selected brands such as Mink Pink and have recently won Best Independant Buying team 2015.  We were chosen winners by our industry competitors.  If you want to stand out from the crowd but don’t want to spend all your pay on payday pop in to see us at 1-3 Hawthorn Road, Gosforth, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE3 4DE.  Call 0191 2131155 for more info.

Unable to visit?  Shop our instashop and see celebrities and fashion bloggers wearing our clothes here with FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY.

Our accolades to date include:

‘Best Independant Buying Team,’ Pure London & WGSN 2015

‘Top 100 Shops,’ Vogue magazine 2012

’50 Best Boutiques,’ Vogue magazine 2010

‘Best New Business,’ Draper’s magazine 2007

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