Matcha Made In Heaven

I have always been health conscious however strong coffee has to be a downfall for me. Until I discovered the ‘clean’ alternative to coffee.

An acquired taste, Matcha is the highest quality powdered green tea you can drink.  I used to drink about five cups a however one Matcha tea equates to 15 cups of regular green tea boosting our metabolism in one cup.

There are many benefits of drinking Matcha.  Packed with antioxidants which fight against the negative effects of UV radiation, giving us younger looking skin and a healthy glow.  Matcha also detoxifies the body, fortifies the immune system and contains cancer fighting properties.

Unlike coffee, Matcha contains good clean energy and you will not experience the usual stimulants that a cup of coffee provides such as nervousness and the shakes!  Matcha is calming and it is known that the Samurai warriors drank Matcha green tea before going into battle so when preparing for that two hour Monday meeting be sure to prep with a matcha latte.

12 love leaf.jpg

Considered as one of the powerful superfoods on the market, I recommend you give it a go!  Drink Matcha as tea or as a latte and swop your milk for almond milk  or add Matcha to your smoothie.

If you have a sweet tooth add a dash of maple syrup with half a teaspoon of coconut oil and whisk with almond milk to make the perfect alternative to a coffee latte.

Buy Matcha tea at Love Leaf Tea or enjoy a Matcha latte at Chaia, my favourite coffee and tea bar.

Visit Chaia at 4 Hawthorn Road, Gosforth, Newcastle (opposite Havetolove).


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