Women are from Mars…

Paris Fashion Week never fails and Karl Lagerfield took his Frow to the moon and back!  Known as much for his theatrical sets as his statement tweed jackets, Models in Chanel Fall17 paraded round a branded Space shuttle (Chanel of course) which took off on the finale at the Grand Palais.

Jackie ‘O 1960’s inspired tweed dresses and boots… fast forward to 2050 aerospace style suits and metallic fabrics.  Culotte tweed suits were worn under a quilted futuristic shawl.  Not sure if you could wear this on the high street! 

Gigi wore a tailored houndstooth jumpsuit and make up was 60’s inspired with Bardot backcombed hair styles and headbands.  Huge alien-like oversized glasses were worn with spaceship printed floaty dresses.

Metallic threads were weaved into trademark Chanel tweed fabrics, oversized white shirts were worn under knitted dresses and sculpted capes worn over tailoring three quartered tailoring.

On the Frow, Pharrell sat next to Cara and Lily-Rose Depp.  Chanel, always the hottest ticket in fashion, I wonder which planet Lagerfield will take his audience to next…


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